The Consultation

The medical consultation will last approximately thirty minutes. It will be undertaken in the relaxed environment of a fully equipped consultation suite. It will comprise of the following elements;

  1. A thorough medical history will be taken regarding your current problem and the difficulties and symptoms you are experiencing.
  2. A full examination will be carried out. This will involve assessing your walking pattern (gait), limb alignment and assessment of your problematic hip or knee.
  3. Relevant investigations will be carried out eg: x-ray, MRI. (If you are not privately insured or are unsure what your policy covers, further investigations will not be done without your agreement. If investigations costs are too high, I will discuss with you, the option of transferring your treatment to my NHS practice).
  4. A fully detailed and structured management plan will be discussed with you, covering all aspects of the advised treatment. There will be plenty of opportunity for questions.

Chaperones are available.

Medical examination gowns are provided, but you may feel more comfortable wearing shorts during the examination.

The cost of a consultation is £175