List of Publications

A “cough induced” pelvic fracture as the first sign of a malignant neoplasm
Sharma N, Sidhu M, Simpson D.
International Journal of Surgery Case Reports 2015; 11: 75–77.
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Atraumatic bilateral fractures of the femoral neck in a patient with coeliac disease
Man W, Simpson D.
The Journal of the British International Doctors’ Association 2015; 21(3): 6‐7.
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Streptococcus subpectoral abscess with shoulder pain:
A rare emergency with a common symptom?

Angadi D. S., Nagappa S., Simpson D., Morgan I.
International Journal of Shoulder Surgery 2010; 4(1): 22-23.
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Viable cells survive in fresh frozen human bone allografts
Simpson D, Kakarala G, Hampson K, Steele N, Ashton B
Acta Orthopaedica 2007; 78 (1): 26-30
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Acute Sporting Injuries to the Hand and Wrist in the General Population
Simpson D, McQueen MM.
Scottish Medical Journal 2006; 51(2): 25-26.

Limb alignment in computer-assisted minimally invasive unicompartmental knee replacement
Keene G, Simpson D, Kalairajah Y.
J Bone Joint Surg [Br] 2006; 88-B: 44-8.
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Blood loss after total knee replacement. Effects of Computer Assisted Surgery
Kalairajah Y, Simpson D, Cossey AJ, Verrall GM, Spriggins AJ.
J Bone Joint Surg [Br] 2005; 87-B: 1480-2.
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Outcome of tibial plateau fractures managed with calcium phosphate cement
Simpson D, JF Keating.
Injury 2004; 35: 913-918.

Mallet Deformity in sport
Simpson D, McQueen MM, Kumar P.
J Hand Surgery (Br) 2001; 26B: 32-33.

Primary pyogenic arthritis of sterno-clavicular joint.
Kumar KR, Simpson D, Hunter SG.
Injury 2000; 31(4): 267-268.

Metaphyseal external fixation of redisplaced unstable distal radial fractures. Use of the Hoffman 2 compact external fixator.
McQueen MM, Simpson D, Court-Brown CM.
J Orthop Trauma 1999; 13: 501-505.

Small bowel obstruction caused by a dislodged biliary stent
Simpson D, Cunningham C, Paterson – Brown S.
Journal Royal College of Surgeons of Ed 1998; 43: 203.