Bilateral Signature Knee replacement


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Mrs Ann Bew, 57 from Tettenhall had both knees replaced simultaneously at the Nuffield Health Wolverhampton Hospital and has recovered in double quick time! Mr David Simpson, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon undertook the three hour bilateral custom ­made Signature knee replacement surgery in January 2015. Since then the patient has undertaken a demanding trip around the temples of Cambodia, returned to regular distance swimming and daily dog walking.

The 'Signature' knee system uses MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) to create an exact 3D image of the patient's knee joint and also assess the alignment of the whole of the patient's lower limb. From this information, specific cutting blocks are engineered for that particular patient. These cutting blocks allow perfect bony cuts of the knee bones, so that the artificial knee which is inserted is perfectly aligned, facilitating excellent function and pain relief.

Retired primary school teacher Ann Bew said, “My friends and family think it is amazing that I was up and about so quickly, having had both knees replaced at the same sitting, whilst awake in theatre. It is really great to be no longer restricted in what I do and to enjoy spending active time with my friends and family. I would recommend it to anyone contemplating knee replacement surgery and the custom designed replica knees are such a perfect fit”. Nuffield Knee and Hip Specialist Mr Simpson said, “Having this 'Signature' technology allows me to very accurately re­align patients' knees to their own optimum mechanical axis, allowing excellent knee function and relief from pain. For certain patients, especially motivated ones, having both knees replaced at the same time is extremely beneficial as they only undergo one rehabilitation phase and are soon mobilising extremely well on two new perfectly aligned knees and enjoying life as Mrs Bew is doing. She has done exceptionally well".